LeftyPearl can help you Shop, Sell and Consign all from the comforts of your home!

Is your closet so full that you’ve resorted to stuffing clothes in storage bins in other rooms and under your bed?
You’ve CHANGED lifestyles, size, or job – requiring a change in your wardrobe – but the closet’s already full!
leftypearls Boutique vs YARD SALE: We consign your items for 90 days, meaning much more probability that the right buyer will find your items.
Recoup part of your INVESTMENT in fine clothing. We price according to original retail price, not by item.

Please select up to 30 of your favorite clothing items

We accept on and off season apparel locally by appointment or by pick up. We also accept out of state consignment clients and will pay for the shipping of your items to us! All clothing we receive must be freshly laundered and in gently used to excellent condition, smoke – free, pet hair free with no stains, frays, rips, tears, holes, loose or missing buttons, broken or loose zippers or snaps and in style and no more than 2-3 years old. If you wouldn’t buy it, we wouldn’t either. Brand new clothing with tags still attached are not required to be washed. Before packing and shipping, please fasten all snaps, button all buttons, and zip all zippers. Remove all hangers – we don’t need them. We do not accept designer replicas. All items are authenticated prior to listing them for sale. We also do not accept lingerie, bathing suits nor hats. At this time, we do not accept children’s or men’s clothing but we will, stay tuned!

How It Works:

LOCAL CONSIGNORS/CLIENTS: Email us to schedule an appointment for us to pick up your package at your home or if you prefer we can schedule a drop-off meeting appointment.

Out of State Clients (We will reimburse your US Postal Service shipping costs not UPS or FEDEX). Once we receive your email and send you a confirmation & contract, pack up your items that have been freshly cleaned, in a box, and ship to US. All Tracking information should be forwarded to lefty@leftypearl.com once item(s) have been mailed.

Within 3 business days of receiving your items, we will review your items, select what we believe will sell well, and coordinate returning the rest to you. Once items are entered into inventory, you will receive an itemized list with prices and your expiration date. Please note this date on your calendar. For local Client/Consignors: We require you to schedule a time to pick up any unaccepted items within 7 days of receiving an email from us with your itemized inventory. Items not accepted and not picked up will be donated after 7 days. You may choose to DONATE items that we don’t accept, and we’ll donate to a local organization. Please indicate “Donate” at drop-off or write it on your label.


Consignors will receive 50% of the selling price for their item(s). The consignment period is for 65 days, starting the day your item is tagged and posted online.
As the consignor, you may scheduled to pick up your item(s) at the end of the consignment period. Please call ahead and we will try to pull your item(s). For those out of town, please make a decision during sign up at to the disposition of unsold item(s). leftypearl is unable to call individual consignors to let you know that an item has sold (or we’d be on the phone all day), but you are free to call or email anytime and we will update you.

Unsold items, left unclaimed at the end of the consignment period, become the property of leftypearls to donate, mark down further for clearance, retag in current season, or hold for sale until the next year. Leftypearl reserves the right to set the selling price of each item.

Your store credit is tracked by our software and is available 24/7 via login and password for Conginors.

If a stain, rip, or missing button is later discovered at the time of tagging or once on the racks, the item will be donated. We do our best to safeguard your items, but items left at the shop are at the owner’s risk. Leftypearl is not responsible for damage by handling, loss by fire, or theft.


Consignors are paid at the beginning of every month for items sold the previous month. Accounts with a balance of $50 or more will be mailed a check, or you may schedule an appointment to pick up a check in person (if you elected to be paid by check). A service charge of $1.00 will be imposed for payment by mail. Any account with a balance of less than $50 will be held in store credit until/unless the consignor requests a check to be sent or picked up in person.

Store credit may be used at any time and does not expire. If you decide you use the funds from your sales in our store, you will receive an additional 10% bonus credit each month that you leave the funds in the account for such. Please note that you must use that 10% bonus credit the month in which is was incurred. The credit does not get credited to the next month.