Our Main Pearl “Lefty” knows a thing or two about fundraising. She sits on several boards and hosts a few fundraisers herself to help out several charities and her Alma Matter, Benjamin Banneker Senior High School in the District of Columbia. Continuing in the same vein, learn how your Organization, whether its a Sorority, Women’s Empowerment Group our school can benefit from hosting a Pearl Dress Drive.

Are you or do you know someone in charge of fundraising? Are you looking to add some cash to the treasury of your non-profit organization?

You and the members of your organization will have the opportunity to encourage friends, classmates, neighbors, and community members to donate gently-worn special occasion dresses which are then turned into cash with: no upfront expenses, nominal volunteer efforts, no checks or cash exchange, AND you never have to ask anyone for money.

Your organization will receive 60% of the profits from the sale of all the dresses you have collected, which you can then choose to use for your organization, or donate to a non-profit with which you are associated.

If you have any additional questions about hosting your own Pearl Dress Drive fundraiser, we’d be happy to be of assistance! Contact us by e-mail leftypearl@leftypearl.com